Getting to the Honeymoon

Many people find themselves caught up in pursuing roles that are socially desirable and fail to look for those that match their values, interests, beliefs, or traits.
“Intimacy is the experience of ownership which often arises out of difficulty, questions, exasperation, or survival.” Ownership comes about when individuals are challenged and find themselves playing a vital role in the work process.
Life without change is an invitation for stagnation.
As we enter into a relationship, whether with an individual or with a company, it is a time of getting familiar. We are excited about the newness and others experiences a freshness about us. Why does this period of excitement seem to disappear? Does it have to? What can we do to recreate the spark?
Minimize time spent responding to fires and maximize time spent providing examination and exploration of the status of the issues.
The true test of your leadership effectiveness is not putting out fires as much as it is what you have done to prevent the fire.
The number of organizations that have gone bankrupt because of “heat in the system,” such as unresolved conflict or unidentified friction, is legendary.
Crisis situations within the workplace result in diversions from our daily responsibilities and ultimately create more work.
Managers somehow believe that, in order to really earn our money, there needs to be a crisis and they must be the ones solving it!
Dr. Demings says that 85% of business problems are with the systems, not the people!
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