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Motivating Change
Workshop (LPMC)

Effectively lead your team through the Change Cycle™

Master the art of leading an organization through change. Growth-minded executives and managers like you learn how to successfully guide a team through change with the Motivating Change workshop. Based on the proven Change Cycle™ research model, this workshop will help you understand how changing situations affect brain chemistry and processes.

Learn how to navigate the complexities of change, including helping your team embrace change rather than run from it. The Motivating Change workshop will provide you with proven tools and skills to understand and predict people’s responses to changing situations. In this interactive 2-day workshop, you’ll discover how people react to the cycles of change, how to dig deep to uncover the real issues around change, and techniques for leading your team through it. You’ll learn the practical skills to help you and your team become more change-resilient today and tomorrow.

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Understand the science of change to create a more change-resilient team

The Motivating Change workshop will give you knowledge, tools, and skills to navigate your team through the Change Cycle™. A comprehensive guide provides practical tools and skills to help you and your team work through the dynamics of change. Uncover the strategy to successfully anticipate, plan, and execute change announcements. Learn how to effectively lead and communicate with your diverse team.

The Motivating Change workshop is based on proven research models, including the Change Cycle™. This highly effective, interactive workshop has clear, direct, and immediate applications for achieving business results and includes:

  1. Multi-faceted 2-day, in-person workshop with practical application and case studies to guide you through typical leadership challenges while managing change
  2. Highly interactive format
  3. Building a network of like-minded professionals who have committed to lead through change more effectively

SSCA has helped hold us accountable to the commitments we made six months ago to change, become better leaders, and to inspire our teams to do great work.

About the Motivating Change experience:

  • Grounded in proven, research-based models combined with interactive case studies
  • Obtain a fresh perspective on your own response to change so you can manage yourself and others through change situations
  • Gain an understanding of how your different team members may respond to change
  • Learn how to navigate your team through six stages of change
  • Understand the cognitive and behavioral responses to change

Choose to experience a new way to navigate change

If you have to implement or manage change on any level within your organization, this powerful workshop will help you understand the science of how change influences behavior. Are you ready to learn how to help your team successfully navigate through cycles of change and lead more effectively?

Start leading through change today


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