Tailored Solutions

Focused Engagements for You and Your Organization

DoorTwo™ tailors each engagement to the individual and organization, offering executive coaching and team development programs and workshops. Conscious leaders achieve competency in behavioral science-based models, including motivation, communication, and change management.

DoorTwo focuses on the whole human, creating conscious leaders who achieve competency in behavioral science models, including motivation, communication, and change management. These competencies are integrated with the concept of elevated capacity, creating a whole leader who harnesses personal potential to achieve peak performance.

Executive Coaching

DoorTwo conscious leadership consultants focus on you and are dedicated to solving the right problems with you. Individualized executive coaching helps develop new perspectives and practices that produce success in your organization and relationships. This targeted work allows for a more focused and intense development experience and typically takes the form of a coaching retainer.

Executive coaching is goal-based, guiding leaders toward specific business outcomes while holding a mirror up to build more self-awareness and competence. Each consultant couples deep business experience and expertise with the power of proven, research-based models to guide you on your leadership journey to greater influence and goal attainment.

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Proven Approach to Tailored Engagement

DoorTwo consultants combine systematic analysis with intuitive skills to diagnose both existing and potential problems. The overriding purpose is to help individuals and organizations transform to overcome challenges and thrive, to accomplish short and long-term goals, and to achieve personal and professional fulfillment.

The DoorTwo three-step approach for creating a tailored engagement includes:


Your consultant engages with you individually, or with your leadership team, to identify the optimal end state and clearly define the goal or goals for you, your team, and / or your organization.


Once the optimal end state is defined, your consultant gains a deep understanding of the current state. This assessment phase provides valuable insight into what is working and what is not working as it relates to the existing team dynamics and cultural health. Tools employed in this phase include interviews, material review and research-backed assessments (cultural, behavioral and self-awareness).


In this phase, your consultant holds a mirror up to guide you and your teams on the path forward to the desired end state. The leadership journey includes executive coaching and leadership development programs and workshops, and assessments. All tools and resources employed are grounded in deeply research-based models.

Whole Humans Evolve into Conscious Leaders

DoorTwo leadership and team development integrate proven-research based programs and workshops focused on the whole human – motivating leadership competencies and elevating personal capacity. These programs and workshops are proven for their effectiveness to empower real change within organizations. Behavior change can be challenging and requires a sustained commitment and dedication toward the desired end-state. Programs and workshops offer a proven and scalable approach to permeating and aligning your organization creating a culturally healthy and thriving, and growing, organization.

Motivating Competency - Lead Well

Master essential leadership competencies

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Elevating Capacity - Be Well

Elevate essential personal capacity to achieve peak performance.

Culture Development Creates Thriving Organizations

Custom programs, workshops and executive retreats may be created to address the unique needs of your team and organization. These provide the opportunity for the executive leadership team to align and review the current challenges and opportunities and identify growth opportunities. Custom engagements include key elements of leadership competency supported by proven models and assessment tools. Research-based personal capacity and recovery methods may be integrated to accelerate peak leadership performance. A customized action plan often emerges to guide the leader and team to meet defined goals. A common language emerges, team cohesion increases, and ultimately a healthy corporate culture and increased growth result.

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Hiring for Fit

Creating conscious leaders and thriving organizations is a journey. A critical step in protecting your investment in developing a healthy corporate culture is hiring the right person for the right role on the right team.

The most successful leaders manage teams on which people are focused, motivated, and ready to accomplish significant results. DoorTwo consultants may be engaged with the aim to increase your ability to select the people on that team and launch a highly engaged, achievement-driven workforce. Deep behavioral science and psychology-based models and assessments are utilized to ensure a disciplined and insightful hiring process.

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