Motivating Leadership
Essentials Program (MLE)

Gain the skills and knowledge to guide your leadership

Elevate to meet the challenges of your leadership role with our Motivating Leadership Essentials program. Your ability to excel in your role and inspire others has brought you an influential leadership opportunity. Motivating Leadership Essentials equips leaders to handle the demands of leadership. Learn the key elements of leadership, enhance your effectiveness and ability to influence others, and gain confidence and skills through the practical application of leadership fundamentals. The Motivating Leadership Essentials program is a year-long, interactive program designed for growth-minded leaders of all levels who are seeking to increase their influence and make an extraordinary impact on performance.

Your Motivating Leadership Essentials program begins with an immersive leadership workshop and monthly virtual sessions that build on leadership concepts, skills, and practical applications. You’ll join a small cohort of like-minded leaders for these monthly virtual sessions, building a healthy network as you grow your leadership competency. These interactive sessions include group coaching, chat, case studies, polling, breakout sessions, and video to immerse you in the concepts and skills needed to lead effectively.

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Gain comprehensive leadership skills

Our Motivating Leadership Essentials program is based on in depth research and proven behavioral science-based models on organizational performance. You’ll learn the art of leadership and build practical leadership skills and competencies month after month.

This comprehensive and structured program covers the full spectrum of leadership development. You’ll gain a new understanding of the research behind effective leadership, while increasing competency in essential elements of leadership.

You’ll hold a mirror up to your behaviors, communication styles, biases, and personality aspects, identifying your strengths and opportunities for self-growth. This highly effective, comprehensive program has clear, direct, and immediate applications for achieving business results and includes:

  • Art of Leadership Course followed by 11 monthly virtual group coaching sessions
  • Group cohorts with practical applications and case studies to guide you through typical leadership challengesPersonalized engagement
  • Personalized engagement with group coaching
  • Building a network of like-minded leaders who are committed to bettering their leadership skills and making an extraordinary impact

This program changed my life. I am a better leader. I am a better husband. And I am a better friend.

About the Motivating Leadership Essentials experience:

  • Gain a practical understanding of key elements of leadership
  • Understand how to apply the science of behavior to get results
  • Build comprehensive leadership skills that make you more effective
  • Gain a fresh perspective on your own personality and behavior so you can lead more effectively and navigate challenges professionally and personally

Choose to experience the art and science of leadership

Becoming an effective leader is a journey. Gaining the skills, practical knowledge, and understanding of proven leadership models can help you navigate your role. Are you ready to learn how to become a more effective and influential leader?

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