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Motivating Followership
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Followership is not a well-known concept. Yet, every person within an organization finds themselves in a followership position. Followership is the act of working toward a goal established by someone else. Followership is using one’s skills to meet the organization’s objectives while intentionally supporting the team and contributing mindfully to the leader. Followers are not simply passive recipients of instructions. They are active participants in the process and willingly take initiative. They are committed to the team’s success.

Everyone, from a senior executive to an individual contributor, may find themselves in a position of leadership one day and followership the next. The Motivating Followership workshop helps you see the interconnection between followership and leadership and gives you the unique tools and knowledge required to be effective when you are in a followership role.

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Evolve your leadership style

The Motivating Followership workshop will guide individual contributors through the process of owning their role, enhancing self-responsibility, and discovering the courage to speak up in a way that will make a difference, even if it feels risky. This one-day workshop is the perfect complement to the Motivating Achievement workshop by helping to disperse the vocabulary and concepts of Motivating Achievement throughout the team and organization. It further coalesces the interconnected elements of leadership for positively impacting the organization’s climate.

Gain motivating followership skills and greater self-awareness

Our Motivating Followership workshop will help you gain greater self-awareness of your unconscious behaviors so you can uncover the skills needed to help your team mindfully and intentionally accomplish their goals.

Participants gain a greater sense of belonging with teammates and uncover a new sense of shared responsibility. Step away from dated models of followership—where you are given directions and follow them blindly—and learn how to take risks, speak out, and step up to support teammates, leadership team, and organization more effectively.

This workshop gave me the courage to be an engaged follower versus a passive participant, a critical distinction.

The Motivating Followership workshop:

  • A 1-day in-person, highly interactive experience with practical applications throughout
  • Grounded in proven, research-based models
  • Learn how to take responsibility for outcomes
  • Understand how to collaborate with others to meet objectives
  • Build skills that improve goal-setting and attainment
  • Gain clarity on what success looks like
  • Create self-awareness of behavior and thought patterns

Choose to experience Motivating Followership

Effective followership is a skill that helps every role within an organization. Understanding what makes an effective follower can benefit everyone and help transform companies from the bottom-up and top-down. Are you ready to support your team leaders to better understand themselves and learn how to create a more impactful organization?

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