Elements of Leadership

Programs & Workshops

DoorTwo™ offers programs and workshops designed to introduce and reinforce the key elements of leadership competency and personal capacity for you and your teams with the goal to lead well and be well. All are grounded in deeply researched and proven models. All equip leaders with both the knowledge and skills to set goals, motivate teams, and work collaboratively. All ensure leaders are aware of their team climate and have access and language to foster a healthy culture. Leaders and their teams emerge to deliver peak performance and growth for their organization.

Motivating Competency - Lead Well

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Elevating Capacity - Be Well

Elevating Capacity

Elevating Capacity Workshop

Elevating Capacity Workshop will illuminate the criticality of expanding energy and capacity to achieve, create and live peak performance. Professional development outcomes are not unrelated to how we recover the body and mind from daily exertion. Our recovery choices influence how we experience events and interactions at work and play. Having the intellect and discipline to establish an elite recovery program is vital for managing an elite level of functioning daily. Achieving peak performance a largely depends upon elevated levels of cognitive health. This workshop includes key insights on attaining optimum brain health through implementing habits (nutrition, sleep, movement) with proven metabolic, physiological, and psychological benefits.

Custom Programs, Workshops and Executive Retreats

Special engagements may be created to address the unique needs of your team and organization. These provide the opportunity for the executive leadership team to align and review the current challenges and opportunities and identify growth opportunities. A customized action plan often emerges to guide the team to meet defined goals while developing corporate culture and building leadership cohesion.

Open the Door to Explore a Custom Engagement

Executive Coaching

Discover the science and heart behind extraordinary leaders. In the DoorTwo executive coaching approach, seasoned leadership consultants work with high potential, high impact leaders. Focused on defining and achieving specific and measurable goals, consultants coach executives to help them develop new perspective and practices. Each executive coaching engagement is tailored to the individual. Each leadership consultant is deeply invested and holds a “mirror up,” reflecting the feedback and insight needed to increase influence, and produce success in their organizations and in their relationships. This focused and intense development engagement is designed to identify and activate areas of professional and personal growth throughout the ceaseless, conscious leadership journey.

Your Guide in Ceaseless Transformation

DoorTwo understands that the journey to conscious leadership for growth-minded leaders is ceaseless. Our consultants are dedicated to walking with you on this journey. Through the DoorTwo conscious leadership consulting process, leaders master the elements of leadership and a deep understanding of the capacity needed for peak performance and influence. All leaders become aware of their team climate and have access to the tools and common language to foster a culture of change and transformation. Leadership and team alignment is achieved. When leaders and teams are aligned, velocity toward effective growth is increased.