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Motivating Achievement
Workshop (LPMA)

Create a highly motivated, performance-driven workforce

Growth-minded leaders do more than just manage, they create organizations where people are highly motivated, focused, and driven to accomplish extraordinary results. Grounded in McClelland’s Motivation Theory, our Motivating Achievement workshop will give you an understanding of how behavioral styles in the workforce affect individual achievement and organization climate. Using research-backed assessment instruments, organization leaders will gain clear, direct, and immediate applications to help you create a highly motivated, performance-driven workforce.

This 3 ½ day workshop will help you understand the elements and conditions that arouse achievement and productivity in the workplace. You’ll learn different approaches to leadership, individual motivation, and climate variables that enhance productivity. In addition to learning practical applications for increasing motivation in others, you’ll identify your own motives and needs, to increase your performance and satisfaction. Challenge and shift your perspective with this powerful workshop, based on research by Harvard professors David McClelland, C.H. Litwin, and R.A. Stringer. As you gain practical skills in this interactive workshop, you’ll discover how to make lasting behavioral changes in yourself and others that translate to a highly motivated team.

Evolve your leadership style

The Motivating Achievement workshop will help you recognize the profound effect of behavioral styles in the workforce and allow you to see yourself through a new perspective as you transform and evolve your leadership skills. This process is highly focused on you, refining your personal potential as a leader as you are put into situations that allow your best qualities to emerge. Along the way, you’ll uncover the elements and conditions that catalyze achievement and performance in individuals and groups. You’ll learn different approaches to optimize leadership, individual motivation, and company culture to enhance productivity and economic success. This highly interactive workshop uses assessment and feedback instruments, business simulations, and case discussions to provide you with intellectual understanding and direct practical applications that you can immediately put into a plan for organizational improvement.

The Motivating Achievement development experience includes:

  1. Multi-faceted 3 1/2 day, in-person workshop with practical application and case studies to guide you through typical leadership challenges when motivating teams
  2. Highly interactive format with psychometric assessments and customized reports
  3. Building a network of like-minded leaders who are committed to transforming their perspective, behaviors, and, ultimately, their company culture

“Through Motivating Achievement (LPMA), we noticed a significant change in people’s behavior. I can personally attest to the impact these programs have had on our company, including a 20-fold increase in share value.”

Choose to experience the power of a motivated team

This powerful workshop is for executives and managers responsible for developing the people and systems that sustain high levels of achievement within an organization. Growth-minded leadership teams who are willing to recognize the role their leadership plays in shaping the performance of others can unlock greater achievement in others. Are you ready to create a highly motivated workforce?

About the Motivating Achievement experience:

  • Multi-faceted workshop with interactive case studies, business simulations, and customized reports
  • Gain an understanding of how behavioral style influences the workplace environment yourself and others through change situations
  • Identify your strengths and areas where you can evolve and inspire greater productivity in others

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