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Motivating Dialogue Workshop (LPMD)

Communicate more effectively and achieve greater impact

Conscious leaders have a great ability to connect with and influence a wide range of people. This workshop teaches you to perceive subtle differences in individual personality types more authentically. Motivating Dialogue helps growth-minded leaders like you understand the root cause of miscommunication to ensure it happens less frequently. The Motivating Dialogue workshop is based on research developed by Dr. Taibi Kahler and used by NASA to predict how effectively astronauts would work under stressful situations.

Over 3 ½ days, you’ll discover how different personality types and communication drivers influence communication. You’ll gain practical applications for changing your communication style to connect with anyone. In this interactive workshop, you’ll gain practical skills in navigating through real-world leadership scenarios. You’ll learn how to invite the best out of others and how to minimize distress that can get in the way of communication and achieving goals. You will fundamentally alter your understanding of how to effectively communicate with anyone in any situation.

Increase your impact


Transform your communication style and evolve your ability to connect and understand

The Motivating Dialogue workshop will change your ability to communicate effectively with others professionally and personally. You’ll gain an understanding of your personal strengths and the blind spots you have in your current communication style. You will learn how to recognize the goal of every interaction with others and to adjust your communication style to avoid miscommunications and distress. You’ll uncover the language that is most effective for every person so you and others feel validated, encouraged, and motivated to succeed.

The Motivating Dialogue highly effective, interactive workshop has clear, direct, and immediate applications for achieving business results and includes:

  1. Comprehensive 3 1/2 day, in-person workshop with practical application and case studies to guide you through typical communication challenges
  2. Highly interactive format with customized personality reports
  3. Building a network of like-minded leaders who are committed to transforming their perspective, behaviors, and, ultimately, their company culture

“The only thing I wish I had done differently is to take these courses much earlier in my career.”

About the Motivating Dialogue experience:

  • Grounded in a proven, research-based model combined with assessment instruments, participation in interactive case studies, simulations, and customized personality reports
  • Gain an understanding of the different personality types and how people’s unique styles influence communication
  • Learn how to adjust your communication style to connect with each personality type
  • Recognize when miscommunication is occurring and learn how to get any conversation back on track
  • Gain a fresh perspective on your own communication style and how it influences your ability to connect with others

Choose to experience the evolution of effective communication

This transformative workshop is for executives and managers who want to communicate more effectively and create a common language for greater connection. Are you ready to transform your team?

Increase your impact


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