What would happen if you gave your team the chance to try without fear?
When we look to truly renew an organization, we must look to divorce the history of the set patterns and look to what is needed (usually as dictated by the customer) to redefine success.
Trust is much more attainable when an organization’s sense of purpose is understood and shared.
If organizations truly play a role in shaping individuals’ behaviors, then the environment we set as senior executives has a dramatic and powerful impact on the daily behaviors of each individual within the system.
Are people able to say “no” to your requests as their boss? Can you say “no” to your boss? What happens when a fellow works says “no” to your request for help?
Commitment starts with involvement, the development of an idea worth doing and a mutual self-interest.
Many people find themselves caught up in pursuing roles that are socially desirable and fail to look for those that match their values, interests, beliefs, or traits.
“Intimacy is the experience of ownership which often arises out of difficulty, questions, exasperation, or survival.” Ownership comes about when individuals are challenged and find themselves playing a vital role in the work process.
Life without change is an invitation for stagnation.
As we enter into a relationship, whether with an individual or with a company, it is a time of getting familiar. We are excited about the newness and others experiences a freshness about us. Why does this period of excitement seem to disappear? Does it have to? What can we do to recreate the spark?
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