12 Steps to a Second Work Honeymoon

By Bradford F. Spencer, Phd.

The honeymoon comes as a result of change and that is why we find change such an essential part of life. When a marriage begins, change is brought about as two individuals learn to live together. As a new employee at work, one is exposed to a new way of life: new company, new job, new coworkers, and a new atmosphere altogether.

Because of the problems associated with change, many of us resist it and fail to recognize that change is the source of most of our energy. When we become used to something, boredom sets in and the “newness” or “freshness” is gone. While we do not know what is on the other side of the door of change, we can be sure that there is an opportunity for a honeymoon.

We see this in marriages and new jobs, but even change within an existing job or existing company provides an opportunity for a honeymoon to be brought about. Transferring departments, promotions, a new boss, or a new location are all opportunities to renew yourself.

The opportunity for a “fresh start,” along with the fear of what lies on the other side of the door, gives us a new vigor for life. Let’s start a revival in our organization because life without change is an invitation for stagnation.

A Few Suggestions to Re-Spark the Honeymoon Mentality

  1. Be a team player. Ask, “What would be best for “us” instead of “me.”
  2. Be willing to learn and open to change.
  3. Have realistic expectations.
  4. Communicate your needs and expectations.
  5. Be eager to meet others’ needs.
  6. Be honest and show candor.
  7. Be gentle and sensitive. Watch how you say things. Strive not to offend of hurt others’ feelings.
  8. Be patient. Give benefit of the doubt. Don’t accuse.
  9. Be accepting. Allow others to make mistakes.
  10. Be free from distractions. Quality work & quality time: make the time you do have count.
  11. Take time for fun. Bonding time. Release stress.
  12. Take on problems as they come, together, and do not procrastinate in solving them.
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