5 Leadership Tools to Avoid the “Fire!” Panic

Are you prepared to fight a vigorous blaze? When a fire erupts, do you want people minimally trained on how to get out of the building or do you want them to have practiced it several times so they will respond quickly and effectively?

Something to consider: Being highly trained may also become a trap. Because of our ability to handle extreme problems, we may turn routine procedures into problems to justify our abilities and make us seem more important or needed.

As we minimize time spent responding to fires and maximize the time spent providing examination and exploration of the status of the issues, we are better able to prepare for more successes in the future.

Options for Practice

  1. Understand the “real” situation.
  2. Communicate clearly and effectively.
  3. Implement problem-solving skills that address the “real” fire, not the smoke billowing out of the symptomatic windows.
  4. Demonstrate courage and self-confidence.
  5. Have clarity of vision.
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