Structural Soundness

By Hedges Capers

The English language is built upon itself and demonstrates integrity. Anytime you look for a word in the dictionary, it will reference another word, showing a connection to something. Although we tend to use language as a methodology for expressing ourselves, we seldom recognize the full integrity that exists within it.

Integrity as an engineering terms is defined as structural soundness. Structural soundness means the systems are well in touch and sensitive to one another, making the sum of the structure stronger than any individual part. “Synergy” would be a term from the physics or engineering aspect of integrity, while the philosophical aspect of the word represents the degree to which someone’s values or beliefs are connected to a “wholeness” or “oneness.” When this connection exists, the individual is better suited to deal with any stressors that may surface.

Family and company systems with integrity are systems in touch with one another. They are sensitive and capable of supporting each other, creating a greater strength within the system. When this in-touchness, wholeness, and unity of integrity is breached, the system is jeopardized.

Systems having true integrity find themselves more capable of adapting to and dealing with the pressure of business. Looking within the systems of workplaces, I often experience people acknowledging the necessity for philosophical integrity, but being more driven by month-end or quarter-end needs.

When a system lacks a defined integrity, or have integrity that is amoebic in nature (moving with stimulus rather than a true awareness of what it is), the system can easily get caught off-guard by rapid changes in the marketplace and lose its competitive stance.

Integrity does not exist in a two-dimensional thought process, but can only exist three dimensionally. It is often used two dimensionally by companies who do not realize that it must be sold and three-dimensional in order to actually exist.

Engineers will tell you that systems with integrity are synergistic, while systems with integrity from a physics standpoint are elegant and beautiful in their simplicity. Beauty as defined in physics is a quality attributed to whatever pleases or satisfies the senses or mind, bringing sensitivity, oneness, and integrity.


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