How We Become Monsters

Why can’t they think for themselves?
Why can’t they do anything right?
Why don’t they think clearly?

If you have competent people and you find yourself asking these questions, you may be sliding into a trap. When we lose confidence with a subordinate, we may also lose respect for their abilities. Unfortunately, our feelings are always visible and they affect those around us. These feelings can destroy a capable person. As we fall downward into this trap, we may attack or criticize. Equally damaging, we may abandon that person. Our actions will affect their confidence – that delicate commodity that makes someone competent. This spiral will destroy a productive person.

  • Confident and proactive
    • Unconfident and reactive
      • Incapable and passive
        • Angry or hostile
          • Subversive

How do you avoid this trap? Motivating Dialogue.

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