Wisdom in Action

Think like a company who acts. Act like a company who thinks.

By Bradford F. Spencer, Ph.D.

We all seek wisdom as a guiding standard to align our decisions. The tougher the decision, the more wisdom we call upon. Wisdom in the marketplace derives from making practical-but-tough choices that produce maximum results, regardless of the circumstances or dilemmas involved.

We continue to assist clients with making difficult decisions easier by guiding a greater awareness of their own behaviors. Clients increase focus on taking responsibility, concentrated intelligence, and accurately measuring a firm’s achievement. This improved clarity of perception along with effectively assessing your firm’s position in the business world to engage in higher standards, DoorTwo titles, “Wisdom in Action.”

We see our task as encouraging clients to recognize the importance of clear awareness and understanding through the notion of holding a mirror to diagnose uncertainties. Be wise, be honest, and move forward with visibly defined goals for your firm’s own “Wisdom in Action.”

Any firm who knows their business also knows that “stuff” happens. Without holding a mirror up, some firms might slip into unexpected traps or choose impossible paths. Focused intelligence helps our clients deal with “stuff” that happens in the course of doing business. Unexpected “stuff” from economic downturns, layoffs, and cost reductions, doesn’t have to send your firm down an impossible path. DoorTwo follows the conviction, you are in charge.

Focused intelligence helps deal with “stuff” that happens in the course of doing business.

There is a deep field of study referred to as “attribution theory” which can be summarized as whether we attribute a cause as within or beyond our control. For example, was your recent promotion a result of: hard work being rewarded? due to the stars being aligned? or fate?

Taking charge of the results

The impossible might be possible, and the unexpected may become expected, but we encourage you to take charge of its results, regardless of the problems faced. The results our clients demand are the same results we liken to our own Wisdom in Action – shaping our approach to our clients’ tasks, with intelligent decision-making and thought leadership. When “bad stuff” happens, it is harder to look into a mirror and admit that you may have some level of responsibility. Although it alleviates pain, it also dismisses introspection which results in change.

By promoting thought leadership, our goal is to help our clients assume an utmost sense of responsibility in achieving successful results. It’s a fool’s folly when they struggle to control their natural surroundings and life’s simple problems. But a wise person effectively manages a keen responsibility for their beliefs and decisions. Studies have shown that children raised to believe reasons for results are within their control tend to suffer less depression and seek therapy less as adults. This theory is applicable to business leaders as well who take responsibility for organizations given any circumstance and how to drive that business with a sense of accountability and conscientiousness.

You are responsible for your beliefs and can alter and radically change them.

Though our experience we have found that if you believe you can make “stuff” happen, you can achieve more and lead a more fulfilling life. French philosopher Henri-Louis Bergson said, “Think like a man of action, act like a man of thought.” Whatever “stuff” might happen, however difficult the impossible path seems, no matter where the challenges come from, these words hold true. It’s about putting your wisdom into effective action.

Shape your company’s behaviors toward taking responsibility, focus intelligence, and accurately measure achievement. Hold the mirror up, address the challenges, and move Wisdom into Action.

This is Spencer/Shenk/Capers & Associates’ “Wisdom in Action.”
Thinking like a company who acts. Acting like a company who thinks.

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