LeAnn King

Director, Operations & Optimization

After working in law, finance, and tech, LeAnn did what she always does: she asked, “What’s next?” This habit of tackling anything and everything is how she came to be known at DoorTwo as “GSD” (Get Stuff Done). With a specialty in the strategic development of operations, LeAnn takes great pride in this reputation for figuring things out and making them happen.

Responsible for the strategy and coordination of the overall operations at DoorTwo, LeAnn ensures that each aspect of operations complements the others while achieving a standard of excellence. It is her goal that DoorTwo’s footprint strengthens its reputation wherever it appears. This work and the people with whom she gets to do it bring her great joy. Who cares if that sounds nerdy?

LeAnn got herself to and put herself through UC Berkeley and UCLA, where she studied Political Science and narrowly escaped a career in law. Outside the office, LeAnn enjoys time with her person, Don, and her family. She can’t walk past anything furry without trying to pet it. She practices both ballet and softball (2022 champs!), maintains a Diamond League status in Word Hero, and is psychologically allergic to two things: mayo and all things Apple™.

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