Kristina Duran

Executive Assistant

Kristina is the Executive Assistant at DoorTwo, where her mastery of juggling details and priorities is constantly tested as she maintains the busy scheduling for consultants. She has a fearlessness that is needed, coupled with a sense of humor that is appreciated, to wield the perfect blend of effectiveness and influence.

Before joining SSCA in 2021, Kristina served in executive support roles in a slew of industries from higher education to electronics manufacturing, and she found a purpose in helping leaders bring order to their professional lives. Cleaning up brings her joy, so she views any mess as a blank canvas and a welcome challenge.

Originally from Framingham, Massachusetts, Kristina moved to California in 2004, where she lives in Long Beach with her family and two dogs (and she likes the dogs better than almost anyone else).
Though she received her degrees in Creative Writing and English, she’d like to live in a world where bios write themselves and commas are used conservatively, though she’ll settle for just the commas.
Outside of the office, Kristina is a chauffeur to her 13-year-old daughter. Kristina enjoys hiking, binge-watching true crime shows, and can never say no to a good book.

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