Integrity By Any Other Name

By Taibi Kahler, Ph.D.

n. 1. The state of being entire (L. integer, entire)

Although a student of words, I must confess that when I was asked to write an article on integrity and Process Communication, I first associated the word with honesty, openness, probity, and the like. These synonyms invite one to assume that integrity resides in the domain of the Persister part of us – where our values and beliefs originate, activated by motivators of recognition or accomplishments and convictions.

My Persister was convinced, but as I visited my various other personality floors, I experienced:

  • REBEL: “Not! Hey dudus ostrichus. A little head-in-sand opinionating going down? I’ve got integrity too. I tell it like it is to people. You’ll always know where I stand on something.”
  • HARMONIZER: “I’ve always felt a truth and beauty in Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s words, ‘How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. I love thee to the height and breadth my soul can aspire.’ Feeling, caring, and sharing from the heart is my integrity with you.”
  • THINKER: “It is only logical that to be ‘entire’ is to be internally and externally congruent. If a person thinks clearly, follows the rules and regulations, relies on the universality of logic and its flair, then he or she will be manifesting integrity.”
  • PROMOTER: “You talking integrity to me? Integrity. I handle things. I make things happen. I walk my talk. Honest Abe hit the nail on the rail. You can please only some of the people some of the time. But Harry S. and I know where the buck stops. He called The Big One when he had to. If I’m not talking integrity, you tell me.”
  • IMAGINER: “When I am one with myself, I am one with the world and others. I am here.”

n. The state of being entirely yourself.


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